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La Empresa

About us

Our history as growers begins in 1983, when three enterprising and visionary brothers started with the production of table grapes with only 70 hectares. Today, our fields extend to the Valleys of III and IV Region, with more than 600 hectares planted with table grapes, oranges, clementines, mandarins, blueberries and cherries.

Norfrut is our exporter company created in 2002. Currently, we export to 8 countries, with whom we are maintaining long-term business relationships based on trust and mutual respect, which has allowed us to project ourselves by years.

We are passionate about the quality of our fruit and our service. We focus on the whole production chain, from the field to their destination, offering a premium and fresh fruit.

We guarantee to our customers total control of the fruit cold chain, by the modern refrigeration truck fleet of Transportes Sae, a related company, which allows us shorter delivery times.

Norfrut is a consolidated worldwide exporter, our fruit has a great prestige which allows us to grow steadily and supplies over 30 customers around the world.


Supply our international customers with fresh and top-quality fruit, with the commitment to achieve their needs with the best quality and food safety standards.


Invest in the grow of our fields to continuously to respond of the demand of our customers and maintaining long-term business relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

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